Schedules & Routines: Taming the Chaos

Hello Sacred Wanderers!!

One big thing you should know about this Goddess of the House is that she has the heart of a gypsy! Unfortunately for her, she married a stable man who is content staying where he is. (And in all honesty that’s not such a bad thing)

So, not only do I dislike hate to be one place too long but I hate fear routines like a fat kid fears P.E.! I’ve always felt that if I made a routine for myself that my life would suddenly be boring and totally unadventurous (yes, I made a new word). I always worried that by having the boring,  same day in and day out,  that I would lose my appreciation for the little things in life.

However,  now I’m a mom with 2 small boys and they NEED their routines to be consistent. (Insert huge groan here) Routines and consistency ate two of the WORST words in my vocabulary!!


With that said – as much as I hate routine and consistency, I would go insane if my boys didn’t have a routine! The crankiness and feistiness would drive me insane!

Needs & Goals to achieve the best routine
    1. Flexible
     2. Not all consuming
    3. Baths daily for both boys
    4. Exercise of some kind daily for everyone
    5. Ability to achieve domesticity needs.
    6. More energy for mom & dad

The trial schedule/routine:


Top of the page has my daily chore themes.
Monday = Beds & Bath day
Tuesday = Family day
Wednesday = Living Room & Hallway/Stairs
Thursday = Kitchen & Plan day
Friday = Errands
Saturday = Basement
Sunday = Rest

The inside of the grid has daily breakdown:
Light blue: Chow time
Orange: Sleepy time for my little man
Green: Walking time for mommy
Yellow: Weekly time for the boys out of the house
Purple: Bathtime for my little men

Under the grid is my breakdown of my morning, afternoon, and evening routines (just so I don’t get overwhelmed)..

The next step is keeping track of everything, now I have this love of writing things down in my planner unfortunately; I don’t generally carry my planner with me and even after I write things down, I don’t check my calendar daily…

While I always have my phone because I don’t have a lot of time to get on the computer with two boys running me into the ground! 🙂 So I’m trying new ways of keeping my productivity up and keeping myself moving.

Step one is to be more religious about using my calendar on my phone. (So far that seems to be working, just need to move my bills over to the calendar)

Step two is using my Wunderlist app to keep track of my to do lists and any projects that come to mind. (Again so far so good! I’m actually pretty good about checking it and staying up to date with it.)

What does your schedule do for you?  What have you accomplished by having a routine?  What’s do you prefer to use to keep track of your schedules?


Finding the beauty in the chaos

Hello darling wanderers!

Welcome to my special space of chaos! We have been trying to acclimate to our new addition and help my toddler find his stride in being a brother and no longer an only child. I’m really proud to report that he’s doing a great job of the transition. I won’t lie and say all is perfect – it’s far from it – he’s still a 2 year old and has his melt downs and his ignoring me drives me up the wall. But he’s healthy and most of the time he’s happy, so I’m not going to complain.

As I start to find my routine with my boys I have started to find my lulls and highs in my energy. The lulls hit me really hard in the morning but afternoon and night give me the energy to attempt to keep everything functioning.

My house needs a second mom to keep up with the cleaning – especially with the pet hair which apparently is something the baby might be allergic to. :-/


This week I will be working on schedule planning, which will include cleaning,  activities for the boys, and exercising. I know that I need to be a bit more consistent in certain things I haven’t been doing but should be.

Next week we begin implementation!  🙂

What are the things you want to change in your life this summer? Have they been hindering you or will they help you?