Time for a Radical Change

Tonight marks the last night of a less than spectacular lifestyle. Up till this point in my life I haven’t cared very much about my body. I have only cared that it got me where I was going and that it didn’t get sick much. I haven’t cared for my body, my temple, or myself.

Tomorrow (Sept 17th) morning marks day 1 of getting back into my Thrive experience. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to thinking clearly, being able to focus, and being able to clear my mind enough to fall asleep.

A few of the great things about Thrive is how much water you have to drink to clear out your system and how they encourage you to quit consuming caffeine. The neat thing is that when I quit caffeine while taking my Thrive, I am not entirely quitting caffeine because the makers of Thrive included a little of it in the Thrive products! So no hard come down from the lack of caffeine. And no crap-tacular headache because I am going through a caffeine withdrawal.

So tomorrow, I am aiming to drink a little over 100 oz. of water, to eat only one meal with meat, and to do some morning yoga.

  1. 100+ ounces of water daily
  2. No/less animal products & processed foods
  3. Exercise of some kind – DAILY
  4. Bedtime nightly no later than 10:30pm
  5. Keep on Thriving!


I will continue to keep you posted on my adventure with my lifestyle changes. What are your top 5 lifestyle changes that you are committed to making?? Share in the comments!


2015: Goals & Accomplishments

As the year wraps up I’m taking time to see what parts of my Top 100 (ok really I think it was my Top 44) I focused on, attempted or accomplished.

So my top 100 list looked like this (after water damage – which broke my heart)



The main items I tackled this year

  • Cello – I figured out that my brain doesn’t work like that. LOL! I think I work better on my flute.

  • School – I started going to massage school 9/10/15 and by 11/27/15 I realized I couldn’t have it on my plate. Five classes on top of working full time and being a mom. So this one is getting put on the back burner till the boys go to school.

  • Work – I have kept my temp job for over a year now. There have been times I didn’t think I would make it this far but I am holding on still.

  • Vegan-ish – I haven’t gone entirely vegan but we have eaten many more vegan meals this past year. Bonus: My husband LOVES tofu!!IMG_20150501_190131

  • DIY Planner – After the sad drowning of my ECLP last year I have gone on to put together my DIY planner. (I will be posting about this really soon) I am still tweaking it but I am getting closer to my final look.

  • Mini Shrine – So there’s like author that I adore and she started making mini shrines a couple years ago. When she started making them I promised myself I would totally get one. Well this year I did the damn thing! I got a very beautiful Spiral Goddess one! I heart her and she sits right next to my bed and I see her every day and every night. 2015-04-19 16.24.02

  • Growing healthy boys – This year I have really focused on this. We had a GI appointment last month with our new GI doc for the boys and while I am thankful for his gung-ho attitude to conquer everything that ails my boys; I am at the same time hoping he will slow down a bit. He was worried about Mikey’s growth rate (he’s not even in a line of the growth chart). I will fully admit I freaked out a bit about that after the appointment and then I realized “Duh! I have HD boys and not only that but Mikey doesn’t eat meat!” So then I felt like an idiot for a minute and moved passed that. He did however help me move in the direction of possible potty training EJ with the help of canning pectin! I guess the help always has to come from the most unusual places huh? 🙂2015-11-08 09.39.59

  • A Stronger Marriage – Now this one I haven’t said much about this year. My husband and I almost got divorced this year. We realized two things in the process of splitting up, 1) there was something there worth fighting tooth and nail for. 2) We needed to be communicate to the point of being transparent with each other. Of course no relationship is perfect but we are still working on it. I know that there are days when we wanna kill each other – or just maim each other – and we are still working out kinks but I think we will be ok if we both keep talking and both believe there is something worth fighting for.

How did your you 2015 turn out? Did it end on a positive note? Were you just dying for 2016 to get here???

101 in 1001


Let’s take a second to talk goals. I don’t know about you but I have TONS of goals! I think that is in part to me being such a dreamer – if only I could get paid for that!?

I was reading a post I found on pinterest that talks about this 101 in 1001 (original post here). I was intreigued by the meaning behind the numbers so I read the post and the whole basis is completeing 101 goals in 1001 days (a little over 2.5 years). Being such a dreamer, I have decided to give this a try. My start date will be January 1st, 2016 which will give me an end date of September 28th, 2018.

Now the difficult portion of this whole idea – coming up with the 101 goals! I am up to roughly 25 goals! Laughable right?! Thankfully I have 31 days from today to get my list set up! I will be pulling a bunch from my Life’s 100 goals from Leonie Dawson’s yearly life workbook.

While I have included several small goals (start walking daily) and a few large goals (Attend Austin VegFest) – the majority of my 101 will be medium size goals that need a little thought and planning put in an can’t be completed in one day.

I am really excited about taking this on! I would love if I could complete all but will be SUPER happy to simply complete what I can.

What would you put in your 101? Would you have enough to fill 101?