A Check-In

Over a year has gone by since my last post. Life has happened. Seasons have passed. Kids have grown, not only in size but also in smarts. In the last 18 months, lots has happened, my husband is home instead of on the road, I no longer work at my full-time job, and the boys are currently homeschooled.

2017 ended with us moving into a new home. An actual house that my boys could romp around and be loud without having to worry about the neighbors. We moved right next door to some dear friends of ours – and I can truly say that I am so glad we did!

2018 started with my husband finding a local job that not only put to use the commercial license he had but also uses the 10+ years of grocery vendor skills he had. We were so very happy to have him home!


The summer brought around a new adventure for us in that we decided to unschool (child-lead homeschooling) our boys. You can see our adventures on our Instagram account here. Though we haven’t posted much lately due to us getting sick on and off for the last few months, the learning has still been happening.

So here we are now, dealing with “Snowmageddon” here in Nebraska – we have had over 40 inches of snow this winter.  I can say that we are all here just praying that spring is around the corner! I am very over the negative windchills and the ice. Also, I have BIG plans for our yard this year and I am getting antsy!

I think that pretty much brings me up to date on the shenanigans here.

I will write more soon!


Love & Light,




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