Depression & Anxiety: a poem

Depression and anxiety feel to me like my skin is a frozen lake.

If I can just keep this smile on my face, they’ll never know that just beneath my mask is a lake of anxiety & depression that goes all the way to my core.

Waiting for me to crack from stress.

From my emotions.

Like they will spill out and consume me.

These depressing feelings of the darkest, blackest sadness.

I know once it gets a hold of me that I will never be happy again.

The anxiety that waits is one that will keep me going with “what if” situations that will turn my stomach to knots.

I question every decision on the inside every day but tell no one because everyone thinks I’m so sure of myself.

But mama said fake it till you make.

So here this smile will stay until I crack too much and the lake of depression and anxiety floods out.


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