Been awhile…

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I got lost in life and drowned by anxiety and depression. I found Allah and said Shahada.

I find myself now the mother of a kindergartener, wife of a long haul trucker, trying to keep up with a naughty 3 year old AND working 40 hours a week all the while being expected to hold it together mentally and keep up on housework. Needless to say something has to give cause I’m on the verge of losing my mind.

Though I’m not sure what will give.

At this point I wanted to check in. I wanted to say hello beautiful souls and I wanted to tell you about this amazing morning that I’ve had.

I got woken up by my two monkeys, got to cuddle with my husband, told my son parts of his birth story, went to a yoga class that kicked my arse and came home to a happy puppy in an empty house. I was able to have a nice shower and make myself a smoothie. I’m now in my office sitting in my high back chair blogging on my phone enjoying this quiet moment with a puppy on my lap.

And you know what?

At this precise moment in time – the anxiety and depression are quiet. I can breath without wanting to sob uncontrollably. I’m not screaming at little boys to behave and my jaw isn’t clenched with so much stress it hurt.

I guess today is a reminder to self that if you don’t take of yourself too you end up in a really shitty mess.

Hoping to make morning sweat it out sessions a daily occurrence. 🤞🤞

Hoping to change things up. I’m trying to aim more to the just do it side vs the plan it all out side. I’ve noticed that if I do the planning I tend not to do the actions. 😞

So in the mean time – remember self to take deep breathes and to find the center and ground your feet.

Inshallah we will find ourselves stronger – physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Love & Light



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