Time for some motivation? You betcha!

Here we are almost halfway through the year and I don’t know about you but my goals have changed a bit thanks to giant life changes that my family is going through. I have dropped some of my original goals (such as a family vacation to California) and replaced it with more necessary goals (such as a second evening job working from home). In the process I have found my motivation, namely these two monkeys.


I realize that I want them to see their mama reach the goals she sets for herself. And in doing that they realize that they can do anything they are willing to work hard for.

So right now I/we are just at the beginning stages and it’s kinda scary to see the steps we are going to go through but (A) I love a good adventure/growing phase and (B) I know we will come out changed for the better. See this for motivation.

And then there is this (which is my current motto)


So my goals currently aren’t small by any means but they are also not optional.

1. Get a part time evening job you can work from home. (Need to make up income for my budget which says I don’t have enough money for my month)

2. Take excellent care of myself. (If I don’t there will be no way of taking care of goal #1 or my children)

3. Lose 80lbs of fat. (As I stand currently my body is starting to show me how it’s not happy with me. Time to make it happy.)

4. Make sure that my boys feel and know that they are loved and that mommy is going to take them to do fun things! (List of fun thing to follow!)

So this is where I stand. 4 goals. All necessary. All transformative.

Where are you with your new year’s goals? Have they changed your life? Or have they changed all together? Do they still inspire you?



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